“My heart breaks,” Greenwood residents weigh in on fire at Pit Stop


GREENWOOD, Del.- “Just the thought of another business down, is kind of depressing,” Valerie Pucci, a resident, said. 

Pit Stop Bar and Grill, making the news twice in two days.

Monday, 47ABC was here, covering concerns about the bar being shut down.

But, now the owner has whole new set of problems, as early Tuesday morning, the bar went up in flames.

“Shortly after 3 o’clock this morning the fire department arrived and found heavy smoke and flames coming from the building and proceeded to extinguish,” John Galaska, Chief Deputy State Fire Marshal of Sussex County, said.

The fire marking another chapter in the saga surrounding this bar and the town.

It had been shut down indefinitely after a fight broke out.

Now, the very same room where all of that happened reduced to a shell of itself.

“Structurally, the building is heavily damaged I can’t make an assessment whether anybody would choose to save it or not at this time but it took heavy contents and structure took heavy damage,” Chief Deputy State Fire Marshal Galaska said.

Investigators are still trying to figure out what sparked the blaze.

Meanwhile, the fire is leaving many residents with lots of questions and emotions.

“Kind of fear, you know like what happened, I don’t know, was it something simple was it not, I really don’t know,” Pucci said.

“My heart breaks for him because he really loved this bar, he loved the town, he loved his patrons and he made so many good friends here,” Theresa Miller, a resident and volunteer bartender for Pit Stop, said.

We’re told it was one of the only bars in Greenwood and it was a popular watering hole for the community.

But for the owner, friends said it was more than just that.

“He had big plans for this place you know, he discussed it with the community, he discussed it with the people who came in here, you know what do you think if I do this, what you do think if I do that, he was always moving forward,” Miller said.

We did reach out to the owner and he declined an interview.

The air around the bar is now clear of flames and smoke, but now a feeling of uncertainty lingers as to what comes next.

One resident is keeping faith and hoping the owner can rebuild

“Knowing Jerry he will he will bounce back, he’ll bounce back and we will be there for him, we’ll be there for him like he’s helped the community,” 

We are told that many fire companies responded to the scene and they are still actively investigating.

The total damage is estimated at $500,000.

We’re told one firefighter was treated for minor injuries.

Anyone with information, is asked to call the Sussex division of the Delaware State Fire Marshals Office at 302-856-5600.

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