Mother’s Day flower shopping could look different due to COVID-19

With Mother’s Day right around the corner, flower shops in Salisbury are hard at work.

They said COVID-19 has changed the game and it hasn’t been easy.

“We’ve been in this for over 40 years and I’ve never seen it like this, we’ve never had to worry are you going to get it, are you not going to get,” Sonya Trader, the owner and manager of Sonya’s Floral Boutique Owner, said. “We are so busy it’s just, it’s hard to keep up.”

“Mother’s Day last year was exceptional, again people couldn’t get out, again this year we’re seeing even more growth in the ability to get things delivered to family members,” Wayne Bradford, the owner of Kitty’s Flowers, said.

Kitty’s Flowers and Sonya’s Floral Boutique said they get some of their flowers from out of the country,  but getting those flowers has been harder than usual.

“The COVID crisis has shut a lot of farms down, people can’t get product out of the fields, they don’t have people to help pick them to get them into market,” Bradford said.

We’re also told supply and demand is up, and that you could see higher prices when you’re shopping for Mother’s day.

“We’ve never seen a Mothers Day, where we have Valentine’s prices, roses are up a lot, carnations are unbelievable, so are miniature carnations and mums, you’ve never seen that before,” Trader said.

“So, the more people want, the more it’s going to cost, so it takes more money to get it out of south America or out of California because of travel, freights higher,” Bradford said.

And when it comes to the selection, you may have slim pickings.

“There is some limited selection on novelty items,” Bradford said.

And while I’m told this is a whole new ball game, they are hopeful for the future and to see their businesses continue to blossom.

“We’re managing, we’re blessed and we’re making it,” Trader said.

“I think by June we’re going to see a real loosening of the market itself, and more flights coming in and out of the country,” Bradford said.

The co-owner of Kitty’s Flowers said as our country gets more into the growing season they will have more local growers to choose from.

And the owner of Sonya’s Floral Boutique added orders are so backed up that she is still waiting for items she ordered in March.

Both flower shops are still taking orders for Mother’s Day, but they encourage people to put in their orders as soon as possible.

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