MAC holds a grand reopening to welcome back seniors citizens

SALISBURY, Md. – For over a year, many seniors have experienced severe isolation since the pandemic. Now the Maintaining Active Citizens (MAC) center in Salisbury is opening their doors once again, to welcome seniors back to their programs. “I know I’m excited, they’re excited, I’ve talked to them all over the last couple weeks trying to coordinate the reopening and they’re just so excited to be out,” says Lee Lewis, a connections program coordinator with MAC

Many senior centers have been fairly empty over the past year. However, with vaccines rolling out, they say they’re now ready to see their members smiling faces again. “It’s been a sad and lonely year for our seniors being shut in and the vaccines are making it possible for them to feel comfortable so they can come out and be in fellowship with their friends again,” says Tracey Larrimore, an assistant activity director at MAC.

MAC center staff say, they used this isolated year to update their programs and add new ones. Carol Zimmerman, director of aging and dementia programs at MAC tells us, they want to help seniors navigate the telehealth world, while also encouraging them to transition back to face-to-face interactions. “So the fact that we can begin to open our doors, seniors are getting vaccinated, they can spend a little more time with each other is very important, and were encouraging our seniors to get vaccinated so they can come back and enjoy things with each other,” says Zimmerman.

They are only doing small groups to maintain their 50% capacity, but they say their programs will get seniors back on their feet and help them through the rest of this pandemic. Some even express how heart warming the welcome back was for them, I love all of you, I mean it. I’m Miss Peaches and and I want you all to know, I missed you.”

Now those with the MAC center tell 47 ABC, they hope to eventually welcome everybody back, but for now they’re okay with just a few members.  The MAC center is not requiring seniors to get the vaccine to come back, but they are encouraging those who want it, to get it as soon as possible.

There will also be a senior Olympics coming up for the center that will focus on getting seniors moving again.

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