Live Green: Go Green OC

OCEAN CITY, MD– In 2020, Go Green OC composted 12,190 pounds of food waste. Through composting, they are working towards a zero waste Ocean City. This year, Go Green OC has set an impressive composting goal of 100 thousand pounds of food waste and they told us how they plan on accomplishing that goal.

Zero waste. That was the idea Josh Chamberlain had in mind when he established Go Green OC.

“I started the organization of Go Green OC to sort of move Ocean City in a better direction of sustainability,” said Chamberlain.

To be sustainable, Go Green OC composts food waste from local restaurants, like The Hobbit and The Dough Roller. To help them reach their composting goal of 100,000 pounds, they increased the amount of restaurants they are working with this year to five. These restaurants all have cans dedicated to food waste, which will be brought back to their 5000 square foot composting farm.

“Anything that supports the diverting of food waste is so important because food waste makes up 8% of our green house gases,” explained Chamberlain.

In Maryland, composting will be the new normal, according to new legislation. In April 2021, Maryland passed Senate Bill 483, which requires certain businesses to compost. Garvey Heiderman, the Director of Compost Operations for Go Green OC and the owner of the Hobbit Restaurant, says this is a step in the right direction.

“If you are a food waste producer, which means you create x amount of food waste I believe the metric they use is over 2 tons per week, so over 4000 pounds per week. And if there is a commercial composting facility within a 30 mile radius of your business. Then, you are required to compost,” explained Heiderman.

Since April 1st of this year, Go Green OC has composted over 8,600 pounds of food waste. They plan on continuing to make strides towards their composting goal of 100,000 pounds this summer, while working towards a cleaner and greener Ocean City.

According to Garvey, there needs to be more legislation regarding the value of the compost to ensure composting is a long term solution to reducing waste. To support Go Green OC, you can support the restaurants they work with or directly send them donations. All of this can be found on their website.

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