Job market looks up for college grads


MARYLAND.- Last year, college seniors entered a job market filled with uncertainty,  as the pandemic left many unemployed.

Although economists say that the industry won’t go back to pre-pandemic levels until 2023, I’m told the Class of 2021 could see more job opportunities.  “The good news is employers are projecting, here locally as well, hiring 7 to 8 more percent of college graduates than they did in 2020,” said Salisbury Chamber of Commerce’s Bill Chambers.

But making it to the finish line hasn’t been easy, as the pandemic changed a lot for many students. “A lot of college graduates unfortunately were robbed of their chances of internships the last year which is usually a big factor in hiring,” said Chambers.

One senior says she got an unexpected curveball, losing her internship due to COVID restrictions. She says this only motivated her to get back to her original goal of becoming an entrepreneur.
She wants to encourage others who experienced obstacles like hers that when lives gives you lemons make lemonade. “At least set your set up so that you of course have a back up plan but things that will help you like experience in order to apply yourself to what you really want to go for in life,” said Salisbury University Senior Tia Hobby.

As for those on the hunt, experts advise job seekers to get familiar with the new way of the world as most things are going virtual. “So bone up on your zoom/WebEx presence. You’re going to be judged on virtual interviews. Practice with friends, practice with classmates. And beef up your social media presence,” said Chambers.

Experts say that more jobs are available in tech industries now than any other job sector.

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