Former Service Officer, Dave Harden, running for MD Congress

MARYLAND- Dave Harden is throwing his hat in the ring and running for Congress in Maryland’s first congressional district.

Harden told us he is an entrepreneur from the district and he owns a firm that helps solve economic problems.

Harden said he’s also served as a Foreign Service Officer for 20 years, representing both Republican and Democratic presidents.

If elected, some key issues he wants to focus on are the pandemic, climate change, and health care.

He added that a big goal in mind is creating jobs and economic opportunity.

“The economics of climate will have massive impact on the Eastern Shore and we have a choice, we can either design build and innovate, and drive climate solutions for here and the world 08 or we can buy from those who do, I want the eastern shore to have a big vision,” Harden said.

Harden describes himself as hard working and passionate.

He said he thinks he has a leg up on candidates because he’s the only one with three decades of economic experience trying to create jobs that bring in the people that have been forgotten.

Currently, US Representative Andy Harris holds the position.

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