Bioenergy Devco celebrating international composting week

SEAFORD, Del.- People of all ages got the opportunity to get their hands dirty, while learning about composting at an event Saturday hosted by Bioenergy Devco.

“There’s no better way to celebrate Mothers Day than being able to plant a flower, using compost and what we’ve done is we invited people throughout the community to just come and and enjoy the day, learn a little bit about composting,” Peter Ettinger, Chief Development Officer for Bioenergy Devco, said.

The Seaford facility, which is dedicated to taking materials out of the poultry industry and turning it into organically rich compost, is celebrating International Composting week with this event.

And we’re told it’s a fun way to educate kids.

” I think it’s great for the kids because they can plant their plants for their moms for mothers day and they can also learn a little bit about how composting works 12 and get their hands dirty,” Sydney Williams, Education Coordinator for Nanticoke Watershed Alliance, said.

Another upside to this event, is how it’s bringing local organizations together during the pandemic.

“It’s nice to be able to come out, connect with the community again so much is face to face and it really helps to get out and talk to people and raise awareness,” Williams said.

“I couldn’t be more excited to invite members of the community for the first time really to come and see our activities here at the Bioenergy Innovation Center and the kind of compost we produce and the kind of commitment we have to the community,” Ettinger said.

Moving forward, we’re told Bioenergy Devco looks forward to the future and making a positive difference here on the Shore.

“We hope that this is the first of many events not only today and throughout the summer, throughout our existence here on Delmarva,” Ettinger said.

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