30th Anniversary of Cruisin’ OC Event, officials hoping event goes smoothly

OCEAN CITY, Md.- Officials are expecting a couple thousand participants for the Cruisin’ Ocean City event next week and preparations are already underway.

Next week a designated special event zone will be in place, reducing established speed limits and increasing fines for violations.

There will also be a heavy police presence in the area from multiple agencies.

We’re told promoters of the event and the city have been working to make sure the event is positive, while still planning for the unexpected.

They added they’re hoping that people treat this event with respect.

“It’s where we live work, be mindful of that, just because you’re on vacation, you’re vacationing in somebody’s home so act the way that you would want people to act when they come into your home town,” Ashley Miller, Deputy Communications Manager said.

“We’re not trying to take away the fun of things but it’s for the safety of the driver, the other drivers on the road and anybody that’s out on the sidewalks,” Miller said.

Ocean City police are reminding people that spinning of tires and speeding contests will land you in trouble with law enforcement.

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