Town devastated by fatal fire

CAMBRIDGE, Md. – A tragedy, that’s what Cambridge residents are calling a fire that claimed the lives of three people early Thursday morning, two were kids. “There’s no way without faith that I don’t think anyone can make this,” says the grandmother of the male resident who passed, Cynthia Woodard.
A Cambridge resident tells 47 ABC, the fire hit too close to home. He lost family members in a fire so he says he can imagine what they must be feeling. “It’s sad to see young kids like that get hurt you know, trapped in something like that,” says Cambridge resident, Arnold Travis. “Man I tell you it’s a certain feeling when you wake up and you see something like this you know it’s sad.”
Some family members and friends stopped by the scene and expressed their heartache for the situation. Woodard says, the fire departments fought tirelessly to put out the flames, but unfortunately it wasn’t enough. “With us we just need prayers and this the lords help, we’ll get through this.”
There were two survivors, one child who was thrown outside of the window where the downstairs resident was able to catch her, and the other woman who is currently still in critical condition. The grandmother shares her gratitude, “He saved her life, I don’t know who he is but I’m just thankful,” says Woodard.
Neighbors and family members say this never should have happened, and they hope whenever the cause of the fire is announced, the city will do something to upkeep on older homes such as this one. “I hope everybody learns something from this,  if not it’s not going to get better,” says Travis. “All you can do is pray for the family, wish them luck.” The mayor of Cambridge also shares his devastation for the family and town.
More information regarding the fire investigation will be made available once we know more.
If you are interested in helping the family, you can click here.
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