Restaurants prepare for weekend as outdoor restrictions are lifted

MARYLAND – Restaurants in Maryland are quickly preparing for what should be a busy weekend, as all outdoor dining restrictions are set to be lifted on Saturday. “It’s fantastic it’s absolutely wonderful to hear that, it’s just another step of us going back towards normal,” says Mike Daly, general manager of Mogan’s Oyster House.

Restaurants managers and owners tell 47 ABC, the removal of outdoor dining restrictions in Maryland is coming at a perfect time as they head into the heart of spring. “It’s great that we’re going to be able to add even more people to our experience here, but protocol wise absolutely nothing will change for us here,” says Daly.

Although restaurants say this is another step in the right direction, some are still concerned as they deal with being short staffed. “But our main problem like most employers, is lack of employees, so we can only seat and wait on so many customers,” say Phil Houck, president and owner of Bull’s on the Beach.

In previous years, many Ocean City restaurants have thrived on outdoor dining, especially come summer time. However, this year a shortage in staff has already started to cause long wait times, frustrating some customers. “And this ain’t just Ocean City, this is all over the country everybody is short of employees so I don’t know where they’re coming from where they get waited on super quick,” says Houck.

However, both restaurants tell us,  they’re excited to seize the opportunity to get more business. They say any business is better than no business, they just hope this brings additional employees as well. “We have such a great community around here that supports us so well, it’s really heart warming, and it brings us joy everyday to see the regulars and even the new people,” says Daly. Houck adds, “You can take the last three or four weekends, and they’ve been great, so we’re under the impression that the summer is going to be great. It’s going to be a very good year for Ocean City, Maryland.”

Restaurant mangers and owners also say, now with graduation season, birthday parties, and warmer weather, they think this summer is going to be a huge shift from last year, and hopefully it will bring in more revenue as they start their recovery process.

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