Progress being made on Del. bill that would eliminate dual voter registration

DELAWARE – Progress is being made on a bill that would remove dual registration requirements for voters. Representative Bryan Shupe tells 47ABC right now most Delawareans have to register twice to be able to vote in all elections across the state. They must register with the state for statewide elections, but register again for local elections. “There are some other things we’re looking at that I think are kind of feel good measures for voting rights. But I really do feel that the municipal voting rights is something that is very impactful,” said Rep. Shupe.

Rep. Shupe says he’s been able to get Democratic State Senator Elizabeth Lockman on board as primary sponsor. “I’m happy to have someone who, on face value looks like they’re completely opposite of me, but we have the same values when it comes to voting rights,” said Rep. Shupe.

Because voters must currently go through the dual registration process, Rep. Shupe says the bill could potentially impact thousands of Delawareans. “It allows for literally tens of thousands of individuals, who I believe are disenfranchised right now, to be able to vote in the street level, in their town, elections that are going to affect their daily lives,” said Rep. Shupe.

Rep. Shupe says he’s still looking for additional sponsors. He adds the bill will be put out to the committee in about two weeks.

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