Pocomoke Municipal Elections Tuesday


POCOMOKE, MD. – Growth.  That’s the word both candidates used when talking about the future of Pocomoke City.  What that growth looks like may differ,  depending on the candidate.

“The answer for Pocomoke is to generate revenue, clean up our town, and become more welcoming of all people. That’s what my campaign has set out to do. That’s what I’ve done for the past 3 years and that’s what I’m going to continue to do,” said Incumbent Councilman Todd Nock.

“We lost a lot of business recently this year, I’m sure because of the COVID problem. At the same time, we have to keep growing. If our town is growing, if we don’t bring in businesses then we aren’t going to have jobs for people. The quality of life is going to go down so that’s really important,” said District 4 Candidate Keri Ann Byrd Foster.

Councilman Nock was elected to office at the age of 27.  Nock tells 47ABC being the youngest elected councilperson has had its challenges. But, help from his supporters, his mission to clean up the town and bring in revenue is what Councilman Nock says he hopes will win him a second term. “So, my motivation is continuing the work I already started. Putting the effort behind the things we’ve already initiated and coming up with better ideas to meet the needs of this town,” said Councilman Nock.

Nock also says that its not talking about change. It’s about actually doing it. “You know we often talk about the youth and talk about it not really being anything to do in town but I think that the real answer in drawing business in, cleaning up the town, and making the town more welcoming to travelers. That way we will have more money and resources to invest in our youth, downtown, and our outskirts also,” said Councilman Nock.

Keri Ann Byrd Foster has never ran for office before. Despite this, she says her love for Pocomoke City and the joy she gets from working with the public will help benefit those who want their voices to be heard. “My goal is to simply have a place where people can say I live in Pocomoke and this is a great place to live and that we’re going to have a thriving community with possibilities for everybody,” said Foster.

Due to a fire at Foster’s home and recent family health concerns, Foster says she’s been staying with her mother temporarily. She says any allegations about her not actually living in District 4 shouldn’t be a concern for voters. “I gave all my credentials to the local board of elections. They have everything, in fact its documented and you can go online and see what I gave if you’re really curious. They verified everything for me to be a candidate,” said Foster.

The winner of the race will take office on Tuesday, April 13th.  Meanwhile the District 5 seat is also on this years ballot. But Councilwoman Esther Troast is running unopposed.

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