New DE law making it easier for those released from prison to get a license

DELAWARE- It will soon be easier for those recently released from prison to get a license, now that they won’t have to pay a renewal fee.

A new bill signed into law gets rids of the $200 drivers license renewal fee.

Bill Sponsor Ernie Lopez said times are tough, especially for those recently getting out of prison.

He added those who are released need access to transportation to get to work, medical attention, and more.

So, he said removing this barrier will hopefully help.

“This piece of legislation is a reflection that all of us in the general assembly are looking for ways to really ease the burden that those who have been incarcerated have, we need to be focused on when someone is released from prison that we are removing barriers,” Sen. Lopez, said.

Lopez said he was happy to see there were 23 co-sponsors on this bill-,showing that on a bipartisan basis, they are focused on people recovering coming out of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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