Maryland cosmetics to become cruelty-free

MARYLAND – House Bill 611 recently passed the house and the senate, and will prohibit people from using ingredients in cosmetics that’s been tested on animals.

The bill establishes that any one manufacturing cosmetic products in Maryland, could face a civil violation if they use animal tested ingredients. It won’t affect big cosmetic stores like Ulta or already established cruelty free manufactures, but it will put guidelines in order to keep people from continuing to test on animals.

The sponsor of the bill tells 47 ABC, they’re glad that people will start being cautious when making cosmetics, and be more mindful of animals in the state. “It’s always exciting that the things that I champion are the things I think matter, if you can make a difference, even if it’s a small difference or large difference it matters.” says bill sponsor, Delegate Terri Hill (District 12). “There’s a thrill in seeing a bill that you championed pass both chambers, and then seeing it signed into law is fun too.”

This bill does state, if there is an important cosmetic ingredient and there’s no substitute, then it’s excluded from this legislation. House bill 611 is currently waiting to be signed by the governor.

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