Maryland Board of Education pushes in-person learning this fall

MARYLAND. – The state board of education wants students back behind their desks again full time. Many educators are saying a resolution passed this week is something they essentially all want. “And we want to be back in person with our students. We miss them. The hybrid learning model is burdensome for educators and students,” said President of MSEA Cheryl Bost.

The resolution calls for students to be permanently back in person, meeting the required time in the classroom. We’re told this isn’t legally binding, as the State Superintendent of Schools for the Maryland State Board of Education says its a resolution not a regulation. “So we’re being very cautious. I’ve never had to close individuals schools because of COVID. I’ve had to the past couple of weeks and its very frustrating,” said Dorchester County Superintendent Dave Bromwell.

Superintendent Bromwell says trying to please everyone in a situation like this just isn’t possible and that there’s many issues needed to be ironed out. “Who are we to tell them you have to have your student in school. I mean we can say it, but I don’t know if that’s fair to that parent or if it’s fair to a parent with a child who has an underlying health condition,” said Superintendent Bromwell.

If a school district has concerns,  we’re told they can apply for a waiver directly to the board. Educators say while they are pushing to get back, the safety of the students is everyone’s top priority. “If our trajectory for improvement out of the pandemic from some reason stalls or reverses, the state board would reexamine the enforcement of those regulations,” said Bost.

Starting this fall, local school boards must allow all students to attend school in-person for at least 180 actual school days and a minimum of 1,080 school hours.

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