Local Business Celebrates 20 Years of Blossoming In Community

PRINCESS ANNE, MD. –    Priceless Flowers celebrated a big milestone this week as they reached  20 years of being open.
 Lori Price, the owner of the shop says this has been an emotional journey,  as she first opened the shop with her husband. Soon after opening,  he passed away with cancer. “I know he’s so proud of me, I believe he put me here for a reason,” said Price.
 This was her motivation to continue on and serve the community.
 Price says she’s proud of what she’s accomplished and loves what she does. “I think its the dedication that ive gave to my business, the dedication that my customers have given to me, and i couldnt have done it without the dedication of my staff,” said Price.
She says she couldn’t have made it to where she is today without the support of the community, family,  and her husband.
 Price encourages others to support local business because that’s what keeps them going.
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