Live Green: St. Michaels Farmers Market

ST. MICHAELS, MD– Over 400 people attend the St. Michaels Farmers Market every Saturday. This local foods market is one of the few producer only markets on the Eastern Shore. Meaning the vendors only sell what they grow or produce. This week on Live Green, I chatted with Devin Herlihy the Market Manager.

On Saturday mornings, the St. Michaels Farmers Market is in full swing. You can find locals racing around the market to see what fresh, sustainably produced goods they can find. Locally grown mushrooms, meat, oysters and bread are just a few of the top items the market offers.

“To me, what makes the St. Michaels Market special is that you don’t find a lot of producer only markets. What it simply means is that all of the vendors at our market sell what they grew or produced,” explained Herlihy.

Plus, the food is not travelling far to reach the market. In an effort to reduce their carbon foot print, the market’s vendors grow and produce within 100 miles of St. Michaels. There are a few vendors close by, like the Spirit Growers in Tilghman, and more further out in Delaware.

“We expect our vendors to be sustainably minded. But, we also understand that a lot of our local producers are small, family owned businesses or farms. So, we help them in whatever way we can to the most sustainable practices,” stated Herlihy.

In order to approve their vendors, the market’s team goes out to visit the farms and businesses. This allows the market to approve vendors who are just as committed to the earth as they are–putting sustainability at the forefront of the market.

“As a local foods market, there are a lot of benefits to sustaining local farmers and businesses as well as nurturing local food systems and our economy. And we can even educate our community about our local food systems. Plus, local foods are healthier,” said Herlihy.

By bringing fresh, local foods to their community, the St. Michaels Farmers Market is sustaining their community for what they call their future generation eaters.

The St. Michaels Farmers Market takes place from 8:30 to 11:30 AM every Saturday through November on South Talbot Street. The market accepts SNAP benefits and is following Covid-19 guidelines. For more information, please visit their website or connect with them on social media (@loveyourfarmer).
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