Group boycotting cannabis dispensaries who oppose Delaware Marijuana Control Act

REHOBOTH, Del.- Rallying for change. That’s what a patient-led group did Saturday morning, in Rehoboth, as they are boycotting cannabis dispensaries who they said testified against the Delaware Marijuana Control Act last month.

“I was shocked, it makes me feel discouraged that they want to hold on to a monopoly and think they’re serving their patients best,” Lizzie Golob, a patient, said.

If passed, the Act would regulate and tax marijuana in the same way as alcohol- and allow adults over 21 to have and consume under one ounce of marijuana.

It could also create more business opportunities.

“The bill itself would allow for 60 more cultivation facilities, currently Delaware has so that’s going to create a much larger access to affordable medicine,” Lillyanne Ternahan, a patient and group leader, said.

But the leader of the rally said some dispensaries, like Columbia Care, gave testimony and opposition to the bill.

“Stating that it will impact their current market, it would cause the prices to be driven down lower for the medical community, which would actually be beneficial but it will impact their profits,” Ternahan said.

Patients said after hearing that testimony it was upsetting because they are looking forward to the improved access and the lower prices that adult-use legalization could bring with the increase in market competition.

“To me it makes no sense, as a patient you would think they would support more companies servicing patients,” Golob said.

And that’s why they say it’s so important to rally and make their voices heard so they can end dispensaries from lobbying against the bill.

“I am hopeful, but I understand that it is going to be a battle,” Ternahan said.

We did reach out to Columbia Care for a statement, but they were not able to provide one for airtime.

We are told the patient led group will be hosting more rallies, there will be another in Smyrna next week.

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