Governor reevaluates plan to get Delawareans vaccinated after the loss of the J&J vaccine

DELAWARE- Since the recent pause on the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, states are having to reevaluate their plan to get their goal amount of people vaccinated.

Currently, Delaware is closing in on 50% of Delawareans vaccinated, with at least two-thirds being the most vulnerable population. Now moving forward, state officials are working to compensate for the loss of one of three vaccines.

However, they say their plan remains the same and they hope to use the resources they have to get everyone else vaccinated who wants it. “Yeah we’re disappointed, we hope that the J&J comes back online. It seems like the utmost caution since CDC asked for a pause because that was one shot and done you know,” says Governor John Carney. “We still have a ways to go, people need to be careful. We ask people to think about that and think about their neighbors when they do that.”

Governor Carney also wants the public to remain cautious, even for those who have received the vaccine. He said he hopes to reach close to 100% somewhere down the road, but he commends everyone who has been vaccinated or plans to get the shot.

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