Fisher Found: Dog that went missing in Ocean City found 9 months later in Baltimore

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Find Fisher Facebook Page

MARYLAND – If dogs could talk, one pup named Fisher would have a tale to tell about where he’s been for the last nine months.

Fisher went missing on July 4th, 2020 in Ocean City, and on Monday, April 20th, 2021, the four-legged guy was found in Baltimore.

In a post in the Find Fisher Facebook group that has over 7,000 members, Elissa Battista, Fisher’s mom wrote: “I was contacted by someone on the Facebook Page with a screenshot of a lost dog from a group I didn’t belong to. Many MANY people shared it with us almost instantly – and for that I am eternally grateful. From the moment I saw the photos I knew it was him from the markings and his little tongue sticking out.”

Battista wrote that a family say Fisher roaming around their neighborhood with a collar on but no tags. After they posted about the found dog on Facebook, a vet checked him for a microchip, and it was confirmed to be Fisher.

Battista wrote that his paw is injured, but otherwise the pup is healthy, and most importantly, now home.

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