COVID-19 making the college application process more challenging for seniors

WORCESTER COUNTY, Md.- Taking SAT’s and meeting with school counselors are just a few of the things involved with the college application process.

But after speaking with some students, they said the pandemic made the process much more challenging.

“We needed like an extra boost here and there, like once and awhile when applying and everything,” Emily Tilghman, a Stephen Decatur 2021 Senior, said.

Stephen Decatur Students we spoke with said doing school virtually made things a little harder when applying for colleges.

One challenge being not getting to see their school counselors in person.

“I just think the process was a bit more rocky because instead of me being able to see my guidance counselor whenever, there was the few day wait in between trying to communicate with them,” Tilghman said.

A Snow Hill High School counselor told us she knows it’s been hard, but explains counselors in the county have been able to Zoom with students and text them if they need help.

“I think my colleagues have certainly extended themselves as much as they could too in order to assist students and families 55 during this process but admittedly it’s been very different and at times difficult for students,” Rose Zollinger, school counselor at Snow Hill High School and Eastern Region Rep for MD’s School Counselor Association, said.

Another senior told us they didn’t get the typical college preparation, meaning in person workshops.

“We didn’t really get any of that, we had to do it all on our own, I mean which was fine, it was just different, I feel like I definitely needed some help,” Morgan Davis, a Stephen Decatur 2021 Senior, said.

While these students said this year has been different, they know counselors are trying to be supportive.

They said in the future maybe schools can be more proactive in bringing in more resources.

“Having those days when we would still have people come in from colleges and do meetings and stuff like that, even if it’s online, would be beneficial,” Tilghman said.

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