Celebrating National Autism Acceptance Month


DELAWARE. – Easterseals celebrates National Autism Acceptance Month my highlight the work of one teen making a difference in his community. Avante Davis works at Giant Bakery, and for the past four years, enjoys baking cookies and putting a smiles on peoples faces.

Avante is living with autism, but he doesn’t let that stop him. He found a job with the help of Easterseals Supported Employment Program, helping those like Avante reach their full potential. “I think that when you hear disabilities you think that they’re not capable of doing anything but disabilities still give them abilities,” said Employment Specialist Teyanna Bailey.

Easterseals celebrates National Autism Acceptance Month by sharing stories like Avante’s to bring awareness to lives impacted by someone autistic. Unemployment rates are two times greater for those with disabilities. I’m told the lack of community support and education on this topic could pay a role in this. “I think that a lot of people think that there’s a risk associated with people who have disabilities which is not the case. They definitely are capable of doing the job and completing this job,” said Bailey.

Avante is a prime example. I’m told he’s living his dream and has been a reliable employee during COVID. He’s says the support he has around him is his motivation to keep going. “Everyone that I know wants me to keep pushing the limits and I have come along way from that,” said Davis.

As for the future, Avante says he plans to be his own boss some day and work with animals. He wants to inspire others that despite the obstacles, they can do it too. “Do what you gotta do if and if you reach your goals you can do anything you want,” said Davis.

Currently, Easterseals works with more than 60 businesses statewide supporting more than 80 individuals with disabilities. They tell us once you become apart of their program,  you’re in for life.


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