Bringing Child Abuse Awareness To Light

WORCESTER COUNTY, MD. – In 2020, an average of 74 cases of child abuse were reported monthly in Worcester County.

Child psychologist Kathy Seifert tells 47ABC that many may have gone unnoticed. “There are a high number of cases for child abuse and neglect and those may have not been picked up while we had been isolated from all our social contact,” Said Seifert.

However now that students are coming back to school – these cases are coming to light. “As children are getting back to seeing there physicians and professionals in school and so forth we seeing those numbers rise again for all types of abuse and neglect as well,” said Wendy Myers, Director of The Cricket Center.

The Cricket Center is a local organization with a mission to bring awareness to this issue. Myers  says they haven’t closed their doors, even during the pandemic.
They’ve seen this troubling trend happen not just here,  but in communities across the board. “We certainly are seeing a spike in all types of abuse right now and that’s true just in Worcester County, that’s true in the Tri-State area and true across the country,” said Myers.

That’s why advocates say these pinwheels – that may catch your eye as they blow in the wind. These are more important than ever this year because child abuse is something everyone needs to be on the lookout for as life returns to normal. “It’s important that people understand children often even when they are being difficult, they need understanding more than they need punishment. So I think its good we’re getting this information out there,” said Myers.


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