Bill making access to birth control easier


DELAWARE. –  Can you imagine what it would look like if getting access to birth control was as easy as walking up to the pharmacy counter? That’s what some lawmakers in Delaware are pushing for.

A bill that would allow pharmacists to give out birth control right at the counter. Some lawmakers say this makes life easier because some women don’t have a primary care provider. “Not everyone even has a primary care physician. So if you don’t have a primary care physician, you don’t have access, right?,” said Representative Kendra Johnson.

Rep. Johnson says that she’s seen the current state of physicians in Delaware decline, with most going into retirement. She adds that even if most can’t make it to their doctor, they can at least get to a pharmacy. “I can make the decision to drive 30 miles from my state to go see my primary care physician. Younger women, women with fewer resources, don’t have that luxury,” said Rep. Johnson.

Planned Parenthood is in favor of this legislation. Though this is so, President/CEO Ruth Lytle-Barnaby says there are concerns over a lack of of birth control methods and not getting the same support and counseling as they would with a doctor. “Many people aren’t made to take a pill everyday, especially young people that aren’t used to doing that. So they might want a different form of birth control. We just want people to get the birth control that’s best for them,” said Lytle-Barnaby.

Despite this, I’m told this new access will ultimately provide comfort to those who need it because birth control doesn’t have just one use. “Beyond pregnancy, its ovarian cysts, its endometriosis, and the desire to have a regular menstrual cycle when your body doesn’t automatically do that for you,” said Rep. Johnson

Planned Parenthood added that access to birth control at the pharmacy would be for a limited time, with patients still having to follow up with their primary care physician.

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