Anton’s Law Passed


MARYLAND. – “Hindering them from their ability to do their jobs I don’t think necessarily creates trust,” said Delegate Wayne Hartman.

One of the controversial police reform bills passed this session is Anton’s Law. This bill that would require criminal investigations and misconduct records of a police officer to be public information. Some lawmakers say it just makes the job harder for law enforcement. “Their integrity being violated just by virtue of doing something wrong and that they cant make a mistake. That’s a high standard for anybody to work under,” said Senator Addie Eckdart.

The bill is named after Anton Black, The Caroline County 19-year-old who controversially died in police custody despite a medical examiner clearing police of wrongdoing. It was later found that one of the officers on that call had a long history of use of force complaints that were covered up.

Those in favor say that’s why passing this legislation was so important so a case like Anton’s never happens again and the public can start to trust police again. “Their interactions with community members would actually be better because of that transparency and would restore more pride back into this profession,” said Yanet Amanuel of Maryland’s American Civil Liberties Union.

Advocates also say this type of police reform is long overdue and that’s why this year they made their voices heard. “All the success that we had is a direct result of the community coming together and unifying on these issues,” said Amanuel.

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