Airline diversifies their pool of pilots by partnering with DSU

DOVER, Del. – Opportunity and ambition, that’s what United airlines says it’s providing for students of color and women from all walks of life. Delaware State University is partnering with United to provide an opportunity for students to become a pilot at a major airline.  “It’s not about just hoping to do better, you’ve got to do better, and United is doing better,” says Carlos Holmes, a spokesperson for DSU.

DSU aviation graduates will now have the opportunity to be on a direct path to become a pilot with a major airline through this new partnership. Through United’s many partnerships with historically black colleges, DSU being one, they say they hope to train 5,000 new pilots with half being women or people of color. “United has already made some strides when it comes to diversity and when it comes to hiring Delaware State University graduates to become pilots for their planes, but now they’re ready to do more,” says Holmes.

Chief Communications Officer at United Airlines, Josh Earnest says, “We are confident that by tapping into new reservoir of talent, we can continue to build a stronger airline.” Through the Aviate academy partnership, the university will not only provide opportunities for students but scholarships. United says they’re committing $1.2 million to the program to help students who are interested. With this program, students are able to work one one one with current pilots, which United says will open doors for them.

DSU continuously partners with different companies and organizations to bring more opportunities for not just students, but specifically minorities. “We’re just very much in line with what United is trying to do for it’s company, increase it’s diversity,” says Holmes. “It’s not just a promise, it’s the proof and United is showing the proof.”

United Aviates Academy’s first class will begin in the third quarter of 2021. If you’re interested in learning more about the program, just click here for more information.

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