After missing dog found 9 months later, local vet speaks on importance of microchips

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QUEENSTOWN, Md. – If you have a pet that is not microchipped, local vets say that’s something you should consider doing, especially after a major success story involving a microchip and a missing dog this week.

Last July, Fisher the dog went missing from Ocean City and this week he was found all the way in Baltimore. His reunion with his family was all thanks to his microchip which identified him and had the contact information for his family.

Dr. Marianne Bailey, the owner of the Queenstown Veterinary Hospital, says this is the perfect example of why getting your pets microchipped is so important.

“It’s a quick, pretty painless procedure to do a microchip, the fee associated with it is usually nominal, especially just the registration fee, and then it can bring your pet back home to you, which is amazing when we hear stories like this, because they do happen like every day,” she said.

Dr. Bailey says if your pet is already microchipped it’s important to make sure the information is correct and up to date. You can do that by clicking here.

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