A Mythical World: World’s first Mermaid Museum opens in Berlin

BERLIN, Md. – There’s a brand new mythical world right in Berlin where you can take a deep dive into all things mermaid.

“Even though we know so much more about the sea, we are still compelled by the myth of the mermaid,” Nancy Mitchell, the inaugural Poet Laureate for Salisbury, said.

The myth of the mermaid – it’s a centuries long tale passed from generation to generation… half woman, half fish.

“She was a creature that wedded two worlds, and she was also a creature of the sea, and she was beyond all the rules of society, it was just beyond… it was beyond the rules of man,” Mitchell said.

And now, all those curious about the mystical creature can explore her history in downtown Berlin. The world’s first ever Mermaid Museum opened this week, showing off the history of the creature, including mermaid shoes, mermaid hair, even mermaid nails and scales.

Nancy Mitchell, who worked with Alyssa Maloof to perfect the museum, says there’s a reason why the tale of the mermaid has gripped people for decades.

“It takes us back to mystery, it takes us back to what endures,” she said. “No myth will endure unless it finds purchase in the human imagination, and in human emotions… hopes, dreams, fears.”

And she says even for the nay-sayers who know the half-fish half-woman creature is a thing of dreams, the new museum is a place to let your curiosity run wild, especially in a time where we’re all looking for something to give us hope.

“Now, in these very challenging times where we’re kind of grasping for things that unite us, and are enduring for us, the myth is enduring, because what it is a testament to, is our curiosity, and our desire to believe,” Mitchell said.

Right now, the museum is open Friday through Sunday from noon until 7 p.m., but during the summer they will be open daily. It costs $11 per person to get in. You can find all of that information and more on the museum’s website.


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