Worcester CO. Sheriff’s Office looking for more resources for fiscal year 2022 budget

WORCESTER COUNTY, Md.- The Sheriff’s Office is hoping to add some new resources for the fiscal year 2022 budget.

Right now, they’re asking for a budget increase of roughly 2.2 million dollars from the current year’s budget.

We are told by Sheriff Matt Crisafulli that as the county continues to grow it’s bringing in additional people and that requires more manpower to ensure safety.

He said the funding would allow the department to hire three new deputies, convert part-time positions to full-time, buy new vehicles and more.

Worcester County over the course of the summer has approximately 8 million people pass through here, so our summer months are when we have a higher call volumes, so we are just trying to ensure adequate safety for residents, visitors, and law enforcement personal,” Sheriff Crisafulli, said.

Sheriff Crisafulli said they are not only trying to hire additional deputies for the community, but also for their courts and schools.

He added that there is potential for additional training, so they need to ensure that there’s adequate police coverage when other officers are at mandated training.

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