Women’s History Month: Wicomico Co. superintendent offers advice to future leaders

WICOMICO Co., MD – In honor of Women’s History Month, we are continuing to highlight women in the area who lead and have made a difference in their community. On Tuesday, 47 ABC had the chance to sit down with and spotlight Wicomico County Superintendent Dr. Donna Hanlin.

Hanlin says her passion for education became evident at a young age and she always knew she wanted to be a teacher. That passion followed her to Purdue University, where she would graduate with a degree in elementary education.

After college, she came back home to the Eastern Shore, where she would teach in Pittsville, eventually becoming a guidance counselor. Dr. Hanlin would eventually become principal at Bennett High School, then retire briefly, before deciding to throw her name in the ring and getting the job as Wicomico County’s Superintendent.

As for the next generation of leaders out there, Dr. Hanlin had this advice to share.

“I would say that anyone who aspires to be in a leadership role at this level, just do everything you can to learn about what the role entails and really surround yourself with people who you respect and mentors who can lead you along the way,” says Hanlin.

Hanlin says outside of textbook learning, there is so much more to education, like what you learn from your peers, teachers, and extracurricular activities.

According to Dr. Hanlin, all of those aspects help build good leadership skills, but most of all never say never and always dream big.

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