Women’s History Month: The passion behind giving back, spotlight on Women United

SALISBURY, MD. – On Thursday, 47 abc was able to sit down with members of Women United for a look at their philanthropy and their work in the community.

Women United, introduced to the Salisbury area in 2017, is an inter-national initiative under United Way, which gathers women with a passion to give back and help their community.

Lois Hartstein, a volunteer, co-founder, and former president of Women United says one reason the local chapter was started was to address the need for women who want to do hands-on help.

Meanwhile, Cathie Thomas, also a co-founder of Women United, says she feels this gave a strong group of women a way to be involved.

Both say the passion among the women in their group to give back has been overwhelming and they hope their passion is seen by future female leaders.

“It’s something that we love,” Hartstein said. “And I think it’s something that is an untapped resource, I think. We can certainly be a part of it and still live a full life. It’s not like we have to dedicate every minute of our time. We don’t spend a whole lot of time but we get a lot of satisfaction out of it and I think that is something that needs to be explored more”

“People, no matter what age you are watch other people,” Thomas said. “So young women who are just starting in the workforce who can actually see someone les in the workforce who still carries a full load of family and work, but gives back to their community.”

Currently, Women United are working on projects like their literacy program for children to build a love of reading and mentorship. They also are planning their annual Power of the Purse auction, which is a fundraiser to auction purses and a gathering those who want to give back.

Although the name is Women United, the philanthropy group is open to anyone with a passion to serve their community.

If you are interested in joining Women United, click here.

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