Women’s History Month: Sen. Carozza shares her pathway to public service

MARYLAND – On Wednesday, 47 ABC had the opportunity to sit down with Maryland state Sen. Mary Beth Carozza on her pathway to public service, leading her to represent three counties on Maryland’s Eastern Shore.

Sen. Carozza says her path to public service began in the household, as she watched her parents give back to their community.

However, when she went to college at the Catholic University of America in Washington D.C., she says being so close to the nation’s top lawmakers inspired her to get involved and the passion to serve the community became infectious. That’s why she took a job working for a U.S. Senator, which would start a long career working in politics.

Now as a state senator, she says she’s the only person in the general assembly with experience in both the legislative and executive branches, at the state and federal level. Those experiences, now used in her work ethic, she says taught her various leadership qualities, so now she has this advice to share to future leaders.

“I believe that by taking those experiences and leading by example that it does encourage other young women to think that either they may be interested in public service themselves, or that they know that if they work hard to whatever their desired field might be, that they can be the leader, they can be on the leadership track,” said Sen. Carozza.

She continues, “I would just encourage young women if they are interested in public service, or whatever field they might be interested in, take that first job and totally maximize it. Work it as hard as you can because that will lead to your next opportunity.”

Sen. Carrozza says on Tuesday she, other female senators, and some of her female constituents wore yellow sashes and walked into the Senate Chamber. That was to recognize and honor the 19th Amendment, giving women the right to vote. She says it was a privilege not only as a leader, but as a female, to honor those who came before her.

As she continues to celebrate Women’s History Month, she urges the community to not only focus on those in leadership and prominent women who made a difference, but also honor mothers, grandmothers, and more for the hard work they do to help their families.

“Let’s not forget the importance that our moms play in shaping us,” Sen. Carozza said. “My mom is my hero and she definitely informed my pathway to leadership.”

She continues, “I see that strong leadership role that my mom played in my life, and still does, and that definitely has informed and influenced my pathway of public service. So let’s make sure that as we celebrate Maryland women, that we are celebrating our moms as well, not just on Mother’s Day.”

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