Women’s History Month: Habitat Executive Dir. shares life experience and passion for giving back

WICOMICO CO., Md. – In honor of Women’s History Month we are continuing to highlight women who lead in the community and have made a difference.

47 ABC sat down with Molly Hilligoss, the executive director of Habitat for Humanity of Wicomico County.

Hilligoss says her interest in Habitat sparked 10 years ago when she was a part of the Dorchester County Rotary Club and they worked on a project with Habitat. From there, she says she learned more on the organization and knew with her background in the mortgage industry, this would be a perfect fit to help change the lives of others.

Because of her heart for giving back, she wants to encourage others to look at how much time in a day they can use to help someone else.

“You think about every day you have 24 hours and if you are only working eight look at all the other time that you have where you can make a difference for others and that’s just what I love,” Hilligoss said. “It’s in my blood.”

Her message to younger women: she want to encourage them to reach for the stars to make a difference.

She says, “You’d be so surprised how willing someone is to mentor you to get you where you want to be so that ultimately you can make a difference and make policy changes that will be for the greater good and promote justice, equity, diversity and inclusion. It’s really important. If not now, when?”

Hilligoss says her advice to future female leaders is to use their voices to make a change and not to let anyone silence you when you are passionate about a certain issue. She says in the future she hopes to see women choose to take on more leadership positions, not just locally, but at the state and federal level to continue to push ahead and fight against gender inequality.

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