Women’s History Month: Acting Mayor of Salisbury shares her road to leadership & offers future leaders advice

SALISBURY, Md. – In honor of Women’s History Month, 47 ABC is continuing to highlight women in the area who lead and are making a difference. On Friday, 47 ABC had the opportunity to sit down with Acting Mayor of the city of Salisbury, Julia Glanz.

Glanz says her passion to serve the community and be government became evident in college, when she attended Salisbury University and acted as president of the Student Government Association.

Although not knowing where she would land, Glanz says she remembers telling herself “if I can just do SGA for my career than I’d be happy.

Little did she know she would become City Administrator for the city of Salisbury soon after, then be asked to cover for Mayor Jake Day when he left for deployment.

Her career, she says, has taught her a host of life lessons, like understanding you won’t please everyone, and leadership skills, like being a good listener along with the importance of empathy.

To the future generation of leaders who may face hardships, she says with hard work, remember there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

“You are paving a pathway for people behind you,” Glanz said. “Paving a way for women, minorities, people of color, anyone who doesn’t have it as easy as some, to make it easier for them. So we have to keep blazing that trail, breaking those glass ceilings.”

As far as diversity in Salisbury’s government, Glanz says currently there are 8 women leading city departments out of 12 departments total.

Glanz says when she took over for Mayor Jake Day in last May she had a list of priorities, like addressing inequalities in the area and building strong relationships within the community. But, of course, at the forefront was the pandemic.

She says she just wanted to keep everyone safe and healthy, and she says for the most part, she believes the city achieved that goal.

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