Snow Hill wastewater treatment plant issues, addressed


SNOW HILL, Md. – The town, like many others is experiencing issues involving their wastewater treatment plant. Now the town is asking the county help fix the problem.

Town manager, Gary Weber tells 47 ABC, the problem is within the inflow and and infiltration system. Weber states, the excess water the town has received has contributed to 500,000 gallons of excess waste water.

To address the problem, replacing the pipelines would cost about $2.5 million versus this project which would only cost $475,000 dollars. The main sewer line near market street would be fixed with the sleeve project, which provides a covering that would last 25 to 50 years.  A cheaper more efficient way to help fix the problem. Weber says, “My goal is to and keep it on the capital budget and keep reaching out to MDE and other funders so that we have a true road map to the finish line.”

The town manager also says, in addition to this project, they’re looking to pull in engineers and inflow and infiltration specialists to check out the pipelines thoroughly over the course of 3 years to address what exactly needs to be fixed. The funding will come from a combination of loans and capital improvement funding from state agencies.

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