Restaurants and hotels work on recovering


OCEAN CITY, Md. – On Monday morning, the annual hotel-motel trade expo that normally happens in-person took place online. The focus mainly being how to recover from the pandemic.

They discussed building loyalty with their customers, getting more staff back into their businesses and how to use current and future funding provided by states. Both those in the hotel and restaurant business agreed they’ve been hit hard by the pandemic, and they say it’s time to get back on track. “All of these things help us to kind of limp along so we can get back to a place where we can start the real road to recovery at earnest,” says Marshall Weston, with the Restaurant Association of Maryland.

“So you have to use your common sense but we need to also need to revenue manage our way through because I agree 100% we’re going to have a fantastic summer,” says Vince Difonzo, with the Delaware Hotel Lodging Association.

Those in both the hotel and restaurant industry hope to rebound this summer as more people get vaccinated and state’s roll back restrictions. You can click here for more information on restaurant and hotel recovery efforts.

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