New study saying pregnant women can pass protective antibodies to newborns against COVID-19

DELAWARE- Doctors are learning new information on how COVID-19 vaccines can impact pregnant women, as well as their newborn babies.

We’re told by a doctor at Beebe Healthcare, a study looked at a group of 131 woman, this included pregnant and lactating women.

During the study, it found the vaccines are effective in both of these groups, who can pass protective antibodies to newborns.

The doctor said research showed that antibodies were being passed to the baby through the placenta, and there were antibodies in the breastmilk.

“So knowing that the vaccine creates a response that is passing the antibodies through the placenta and through the breastmilk makes us think that those babies are likely going to get some type of protection, now we will do further studies on how long that lasts and what protection they have,” Dr. Jacoby Spittler, a Beebe Women’s Healthcare Physician, said.

We’re also told it’s important to note that pregnancy does increase the risk of severity of COVID-19, and that pregnant women are able to get the vaccine earlier than it would be just for their age group because of that.

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