New community center could be coming to Berlin

BERLIN, Md. – On Tuesday, Berlin Mayor Zack Tyndall asked Worcester County Commissioners for money that would lead to a new community center.

Mayor Tyndall says he asked for $7,500 from the commissioners that would go toward a feasibility study. He says the new community center would be on Flower Street, which is a perfect location as he says it’s near other resources in the area, including Shore Up.

But, Mayor Tyndall says if that doesn’t work out, they still hope to bring the community center to the town, just at a different site.

“That’s our ideal location for a community center, however if we can’t get all the parties on board with that site, the town of Berlin does own three acres of land, just a little bit to the south, still on Flower Street as well,” he said.

Mayor Tyndall says the commissioners will discuss other budget items and then give an answer on whether any money will be allocated to this project.

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