Md. GOP lawmakers introduce package of bills aimed at reducing violent crime

MARYLAND – Maryland’s Republican lawmakers are reintroducing a package of bills aimed at reducing violent crime across the state. “One of government’s primary and essential roles is to keep people safe, to keep children safe, to create communities where parents are not afraid to let their kids play outside,” said Delegate Kathy Szeliga.

The package was initially introduced and passed by the State Senate last year. It includes bills that would increase penalties for repeat violent offenders, and for those who knowingly sell a gun to someone intending to commit a crime with it. One of the bills would also prevent bail for criminals previously convicted of violent crimes who are then arrested for gun crimes. “We need to make the law really clear about that kind of behavior. Overall, what we’re seeing with crime in our communities is unacceptable. Instead of frittering around the edges and persecuting people who simply want to practice their Second Amendment rights, we need to go after the bad guys for a change,” said State Senator Justin Ready.

Lawmakers say these bills are meant to cover the entire state, including more rural regions, like here on the Eastern Shore. “There were other instances on the Eastern Shore, where a young person was shot in their bed room. Of course there were a couple of terrible instances in the city where pregnant women have been shot, children. It’s inexcusable. No one should be afraid in their own neighborhood,” said State Senator Michael Hough.

During Tuesday’s press conference, lawmakers said Maryland has some of the strictest fun laws in the country, but highest rates of gun crime. They say that’s why it’s so important to introduce these bills, so everyone can have peace of mind. When this many lives are being lost, when children are being injured or killed, it is the responsibility of all of us to stop this from happening. This is truly a crisis. We cannot, and we will not, stand by and wait for someone else to defend the lives of Marylanders,” said Del. Szeliga.

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