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LEWES, DE– Native plant species on Delmarva support our local ecosystems by providing food and shelter for our wildlife. That is why Monarch Nursery offers habitat landscapes filled with native plant species for you to plant in your own yard. Check out this week’s Live Green.

41 percent of the birds that rely on native plants in Delaware are rare or absent. That’s the word from researchers – saying many forests have turned into yards. The changes place the role of maintaining Delmarva’s wildlife into the hands of homeowners.

“I saw that all over Delmarva, there’s been a decrease in population of butterflies, pollinators and birds. And that is directly related to our native plant population that is also diminishing,” said Kait Monroe.

Kait Monroe with Monarch Nursery decided that in order to sustain Delmarva’s fauna for years to come, she needed a way for homeowners to play an integral role in attracting these organisms back to the peninsula. That is why she created curated landscapes filled with native flora for people to plant in their yards.

“So we provide 100% all native plants that we’ve selected just for our area,” explained Monroe, “and I hand selected perennials that will have the best bloom to attract the most butterflies and pollinators. Plus, I picked grasses to bring the most birds to your yard.”

These habitat landscapes, as Kait calls them, vary on maintenance. You select a landscape that fits your home ecosystem, such as the amount of sunlight your yard receives and soil type.

“Landscapes and gardens can no longer just be pretty. They also must now sustain life. A habitat landscape provides shelter and food for wildlife,” stated Monroe.

Plus, the owner says that you can offer water to the pollinators and birds by placing a birdbath or small pond in your yard, creating a home for Delmarva’s wildlife in your own backyard.

Monarch Nursery recently went live with their website and is currently accepting orders. They will begin deliveries on April 15th. For more information, please visit their website.
And if you know a green business on Delmarva, send their contact information to Meteorologist Sloane Haines

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