Live Green: Ard Brac Acres

PITTSVILLE, MD– Amanda Ruchalski and her husband, John, are first generation farmers. They are teaching their children sustainable farming practices to keep their farm flourishing for future generations. Check out this week’s Live Green with Ard Brac Acres.

Pittsville residents know if you are looking for fresh produce – look no further than Ard Brac Acres.
Known especially for their strawberries – the farm tells us the secret is in their soil.

“We need to keep the soil growing. We need to add compost and use cover crops. We need to keep the soil better than we found it, so that our children can continue to grow,” explained Amanda Ruchalski.

In order for these first generation farmers to sustain their farm for future generations, they use eco-conscious farming practices. They use methods like rotational grazing in the fields by their livestock and even making their own compost.

“The chickens are helping us making compost with their manure. We’ve been making our own compost since we moved in. And we can now use this compost. It’s great compost that doesn’t have a smell and it’s amazing to use,” said Ruchalski.

Ard Brac Acres prioritizes their education by partnering with local institutions, like UMES, for research studies on their farm. These studies teach them how they can improve their farming methods to maintain soil health and produce a bountiful harvest each season. But, that’s not all, they work with the community too.

“We’ve worked with cub scouts. I’ve had summer camps over at the farm. So, we really want to be part of the community and grow education about farming. Just to know where your food is coming from and how we are growing it for you,” explained Ruchalski.

Showing it’s not just what you do in your own backyard, it’s about building a relationship with the community to keep Delmarva green for future generations.

Ard Brac Acres has a summer Community Supported Agriculture program for their produce. It runs for 16 weeks beginning on May 2nd. If you are interested in joining or visiting their farm, please visit their website.
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