Legislative bill to address the price of prescription drugs

DELAWARE -Lawmakers introduced a bill that would prohibit manufacturers from raising the the price of prescription drugs. Although the bill is in it’s early stages, the issue of outstanding drug prices continues to be a concern for some.

House Bill 62 would limit the prices charged to consumers for generic and off-patent drugs. In collaboration with the Delaware Department of Insurance, the state is working to address pharmacy benefit managers (PBM).

PBM is the bridge between drug manufacturers and pharmacies, and as of right now it’s an unregulated multi million dollar industry. The state insurance department says, too many times they see people having to pay for their prescription drugs over a house bills because of some of these prices. They believe this is the year to seriously address it head on.

“It’s snow-balled into something that was always a problem and unfortunately it’s gotten to where where prescription drugs are too expensive and we’re doing everything we can here on a local level to address that,” says Delaware State Insurance Commissioner, Trinidad Narro.

Navarro also says, if you have an issue with your own insurance you should contact the Delaware Department of Insurance at 1-800-282-8611. The bill currently sits in the House Economic Development/Banking/Insurance and Commerce Committee awaiting a hearing.

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