“Legalizing marijuana could provide more jobs,” says HB 150 sponsors


DELAWARE – The marijuana control act was voted out of committee on Wednesday. This act is in the efforts to legalize and regulate the recreational use of marijuana.

House Bill 150 sponsors say, national big marijuana companies are making it difficult for small business owners who are interested in the industry. Many people are getting their marijuana through illegal means and this bill would also address that.

Sponsors also say, they have created a productive medical marijuana program, they’ve decriminalized it, and now they’re hoping to push this bill forward and continue making Delaware a more progressive state.

“So stopping this legislation is basically going to eliminate the opportunity for business owners to create new businesses, hire Delawareans and also collect some tax revenue.” says State Representative of the 24th District, Edward Osienski and sponsor of the bills. “Stopping this bill I don’t think is going to stop Delawareans from consuming cannabis.”

The bill’s sponsor also says their goal is to hurt the illegal market with this bill as well as how it’s handled. After making amendments, sponsors say they hope for the bill to be heard in the appropriations committee at the end of April or early May.

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