Just between friends continues helping families during the pandemic


DELAWARE – Many are still struggling to make ends meet due to the pandemic, which means some might not be able to get certain items of their children.

Just Between Friends is a business that helps families save money and find items at a discounted price. Franchise owner Eileen Cordero says, they have been doing this for 8 years and loves being able to give back to families

She says this year, they put more safety measures in place so people can still come out save some money and provide for their families. Cordero also says, just between friends has a charity component so families can still get the help they need. “The greatest thing is we also have a charity factor involved so the items that don’t sell, the sellers can decide if they want those items to go to charity and they continue reduce reuse and recycle and they go right into the families here in the community,” says Cordero.

Cordero says, their next event is going to be at Dover indoor tennis on May 20th through the 23rd. She also says the average seller can make anywhere from $400 to $1,000. To learn more about the event, just visit their website.

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