Honoring women during March with new poetry series led by Salisbury’s Poet Laurete

SALISBURY, Md.- There’s a new poetry series taking place to celebrate Women’s History Month.

Salisbury’s Poet Laurete, Nancy Mitchell, is putting on a virtual poetry reading in March, for every Wednesday, with the first event kicking off tonight.

Mitchell said last year a bunch of women were supposed to get together to celebrate Women’s History Month, but couldn’t because of the pandemic.

So, this year she said the virtual platform has allowed women to come together to make it happen, and she hopes the series will shed a light on women who help make Salisbury what it is.

“I want to celebrate all the women that power this city,” Mitchell said. “I can hardly talk about it without getting teary eyed because if you’ve seen the things they have done to help people during the pandemic.”

 The event tonight begins at 7 on Zoom.
One of the guests tonight will be Acting Mayor Julia Glanz.
You can find out how you can sign up for the event at https://www.facebook.com/CityofSBY or https://www.facebook.com/nancymitchelllaureate
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