Farmers prepare for spring while continuing to battle with COVID


SALISBURY, Md. – As we move through spring, farmers in the area say the pandemic paired with normal weather problems have made things tough.

At Baywater Farms, they say because of the pandemic they lost a lot of different sale channels for their produce such as sports events like college games.

However, Baywater Farm owner, Andy Holloway tells 47 ABC, they were able to find other means to make ends meet. Apparently, more people shopped locally from produce markets due to hesitance of shopping inside of grocery stores.

Now, with restaurants slowly opening back up, farmers say they’re excited to get into spring and hopefully recover from the harsh winter and pandemic months.

“It’s been good so far and we’re really just trying to connect with the consumer still,” says Holloway. “So there’s a lot of optimism especially down at the beach right now, every time we go into the restaurants, people are geared up and they’re ready to roll. So I think we’ll see a little bit of a return to normal and I’m hopeful for that.”

Holloway also says, he hopes consumers continue to shop local and support farmers because they still have a long road ahead.