Delaware health leader answers questions on state’s expanded COVID-19 vaccination program

DELAWARE — On Wednesday, Delaware entered its expanded version of their COVID-19 vaccination program.

With that expansion, health experts at the The Delaware Division of Public Health (DPH) say pharmacies are able to vaccinate Delawareans 50-years-old and over. Health care providers can also vaccinate those 16-years-old and up with high ​and moderate-risk medical condition​s. We’re told that aged-based system is supposed to allow for more shots to get into arms.

But what does this mean for frontline and essential workers in the previous groups who have yet to get their shot? DPH director, Dr. Karyl Rattay, explains that the state is in fact expanding eligibility, but it doesn’t mean those who qualify in previous groups will be overlooked.

Dr. Karyl Rattay says in part quote, “Just because we are moving away from talking about eligible employee groups by phases, that doesn’t mean you have been forgotten.” She adds that the state’s “vaccine supply has significantly increased”, which allows more residents to get shots.  Dr. Rattay says the request for seniors in the state to get the vaccine has decreased, which puts the state ” in a position to make them available to more Delawareans.”

We’re told this upgrade also allows the state to meet Joe Biden’s directive to ensure every adult in the U.S. is eligible to get a vaccine by May 1.

Dr. Rattay says they haven’t gotten to those who are in the essential workforce yet, but says they hope to very soon. That wave of people includes those in transportation and logistics, personal services like hair, nails and massage,  and nails, food services, government and more.

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