Delaware Farm Bureau Members upset over USPS service, they say they are receiving dead livestock, late medications

DELAWARE- Delaware Farm Bureau members are advocating for a better USPS service after having issues since last year.

Trebs Thompson, an egg farmer with Whimsical Farms in Newark and a member of the Bureau, said farmers are experiencing late medications and not receiving bills.

Thompson said they have also received dead livestock.

She said she has spoken with Senator Carpers and Senator Coons office who both said they are getting hundreds of complaints everyday about this.

So, that’s why farmers like her, said change needs to happen.

“They’ve got to do something, this is untenable, ya know the chick are in shortage but somebody’s gotta cover that whether that’s the post office, through the mailing insurance or through the original hatchery, it’s just a bad business model,” Thompson, said.

Recently, Senator Coons spoke about this USPS issue, saying he has deep concern on how the postal service is being run under the current postmaster general.

He said him as well as other senators have written to the post master general more than once demanding transparency.

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