Celebrating Culture: Leaders wanting to bring Latino marketplace to Georgetown

GEORGETOWN, Del.- Celebrating Georgetown’s history and diversity, that’s what some Sussex County leaders are aiming to do with their plan to create a Latino Market Place

“I can only imagine if this becomes la plaza where things are just highlighted, the restaurants, the food, the culture,” Javier Torrijos, Chair of Del. Hispanic Commission, said.

The Marketplace displaying Latino Architecture would go along North Race Street would help support Latino owned businesses, while rejuvenating downtown shopping and dining.

All in an effort, to add to the rich Latino history of the area, while mixing in American culture.

“Outdoor dining, and there could be flags and parks and beautiful planters with trees and flowers,” Mary Dupont, Project Dir., and a member of Del. Hispanic Commission, said.

“It’s almost like you have to merge the two cultures, you gotta merge, its not just the Latinos and the locals that are living there but how we merge and bring all that together,” Torrijos said.

One of the leaders helping to make this vision come true, said he hopes this marketplace will be a destination where others from different areas stop by to visit.

“I think it would be a tremendous success for the state of Delaware, to add another tourist attraction,” Torrijos said.

While this is only a plan right now, I am told they will start working with Latino business leaders soon on financial coaching so businesses are ready to expand, if the marketplace gets approved.

“So, that those businesses are ready to go, they’re strong, they’ve got capacity, they’ve got staff, they’ve got products, they’ve got finances,” Dupont said.

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