Berlin community weighs in on the future of Heron Park during a meeting

BERLIN, Md.-The town of Berlin recently had a meeting to get the community’s input on the future of Heron Park.

The Mayor of Berlin said discussion included what the community would like to see when it came to land that’s next to the lagoons.

They also discussed what to do with an old industrial building on the property.

We are told people wanted to retain the land next to the lagoons, as they see potential for it.

The Mayor said when it came to the industrial building people want to possibly look at some ways to re-purpose or sell it.

While things are up in the air, the Mayor said more discussions are needed before moving forward with anything.

“I think what we will really have to do is really consider all the input that we heard, all the discussion thats taken place with the heron park advisory committee, and really look at the best way to move forward with that site and I don’t have the answer to that, but it is very helpful to hear the dialogue that took place Monday night,” Mayor Zach Tyndall, with the Town of Berlin, said.

Mayor Tyndall said recently applied for a demolition grant of over a half a million dollars.

That money would have helped to tear down that industrial building, but the town did not receive the grant.

Mayor Tyndall said they will have to look at how they can position themselves better to apply for that grant again in the next fiscal year.

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